6 Questions You Must Ask Before Choosing a Surrogate

6 Questions You Must Ask Before Choosing a Surrogate

When you are looking to have a baby via surrogacy, there are certain questions in your mind. Sure, the agency you are choosing must have performed a background check on the surrogate mother, but there are some essential questions you should ask too. After all, she will be carrying your baby for 9 months.

Asking the right questions is vital. We are sure you must have hundreds, but here are the important ones you shouldn’t miss:

1.    Why did you Choose to become a Surrogate?

This is perhaps one of the most important questions to ask before choosing a surrogate. Knowing their motivation to be a surrogate will give you peace of mind.

Also, it is good to get to know the person who will be carrying your baby. This question will tell you quite a bit about the person.

2.    Do you Drink Alcohol or Smoke?

For the health of your baby, the surrogate you are choosing shouldn’t be an avid smoker or drinker. Smoking or consumption of alcohol can cause health-related problems to your unborn child.

The answer to this question will help you make your decision of choosing her as a surrogate a lot easier.

3.    Will you Allow us to Participate in Your Appointments?

You don’t want to miss the firsts of your child. The first words, the first smile, the first steps. It is the same when the baby isn’t born yet.

Will you be there to listen to their heartbeat? Will you be there when the gender of your child is revealed? Will you be in the delivery room when your child is born?

Before choosing a surrogate, you need to make it clear that you want to be present in all the vital movements of your soon to be born child.

4.    Are you Open to Carry More Than One Child?

During implantation, the doctor usually implants more than one fertilized embryo, so that the chances of pregnancy are increased. But with that, the chances of you having twins or triplets also increase.

You need to ask the surrogate you are choosing if she is willing to carry more than one baby or not.

5.    How Does Your Family Feel About it?

Having a support system is very important as pregnancy is not just physical, but also emotional. You need to make sure that the surrogate you choose has a good support system.

If she is married, is her partner okay with her carrying someone else’s baby? What about her parents and friends?

There are the questions you must have answers to before choosing a surrogate.

6.    What do You Do for a Living?

People who apply to be a surrogate usually have a full-time job. It is important that you know what she does for a living. Does she have a high-stress job, for instance, is she an attorney? Will her boss allow her to take days off for appointments?

All these questions need to be answered choosing a surrogate.

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