Edwards Surrogate

We located in California, United States. Irvine, the safest city in the United States. With the cutting edge IVF laboratory and most experienced experts and medical team to provide comprehensive, professional services to fertility and surgery center.

We have best reproductive medicine specialists and embryologists. They perform 23 pairs of chromosomes scan with the latest medical technology and laboratory technology before embryo cultivation and implantation to avoid chromosomal abnormalities or hereditary diseases, to ensure the best combination of genes and the gender of the future generations. There are only a few reproductive centers can provide this service in the world.

Our center also has a team of trained nurse, who will assist patients with professional care. We provide a friendly environment with comfortable and warm surroundings. Each patient will arrange in a separate room for treatments. One on one service, your doctor will be with you along the way, from tests, diagnosis to treatment.

Our high success rate

Even in the United States, there are only a few cutting edge IVF laboratories. For us, the real success is the health of newborn babies.

Our pregnancy success rate is 20% higher than the average America national rate.

The Advantages of Our Technical

In addition to conventional IVF technology, we also use the following techniques to improve the success rate:

  1. The most advanced sperm sorting technology
    Through the particular sorting technique of semen, sperm can separate into X chromosome and Y chromosome, respectively.

  2. The most advanced 3D ultrasound imaging technology to precisely control the embryo implantation
    Traditional embryo implantation relies entirely on the physician’s instinct. The equipment might touch the uterine wall and implantation area. We are using the most advanced ultrasonic technology to forming three-dimensional images of the uterus, precise selection of the best implantation space and control implantation path to ensure the smooth development in the womb.

  3. Laser-assisted artificial incubation technique
    This technology can improve: previous IVF fail experiences, older age or high FSH.

  4. ICSI single sperm injection technology
    Selected the most top quality sperm through screening and injected into the egg cytoplasm, not only improve the egg fertilization rate but also significantly improve the quality of fertilization, which results in high-quality and healthy embryos.

  5. Uterine panorama image
    We will perform a three-dimensional panoramic scan on the uterus, accurately measure the angle, curvature, inclination, and thickness of uterus, to ensure the doctor has full image and understanding about patient’s condition and determine the best implantation area.

  6. CGH chromosome scan
    CGH is currently the most advanced preimplantation embryo genetic disease and gene scanning technology. Unlike traditional embryonic gene scans, it only can study 10-13 pairs of chromosomes. CGH can examine the 23 pairs of complete chromosomes (not every American lab can perform this scan). The biggest problem with IVF is that it often gets an embryo that has genetic defects (such as the presence of lethal gene deletions or genetic abnormalities). This embryo seems to be normal at an early stage but will lead to inevitable abortion and cause congenital malformations. CGH can perform a complete scan before the implantation, to ensure only the healthy embryos will be implanted in the womb, basically reduce the miscarriage or deformity.

Edwards IVF is willing to provide advanced medical services for people from all over the world, with professional skill and love, to help more couples to achieve their dreams of starting a family.

Dr. Rafif Moussa – Our IVF Specialist

She graduated from Eastern Virginia Medical School – EVMS (Jones Institute, “birthplace of IVF”), where she completed her clinical training. Dr. Moussa is honored to be under the guidance of Dr. Howard Jones.

Dr. Moussa has a double master’s degree in clinical embryology and male genetics, and during the EVMS study period, with further study, Dr. Moussa obtained a master’s degree, which related to the IVF laboratory. This rich experience brought her better understanding of clinical medicine and IVF laboratory. Doctor who has both academic research and clinical operation experiences is rare.

Dr. Moussa focuses on manage high complex infertility cases. She has high success IVF rate and extensive experience in complex endoscopes and robotic surgery. Meanwhile, Dr. Moussa is an expert in terms of robotic surgery.

Dr. Moussa is devoted to the study reproductive medicine related subjects. Her main research areas covered a wide range, such as male factors, uterine fibroids, ovarian dysfunction and other difficult reproductive and gynecological problems. At the same time, she was recorded as a reproductive medicine specialist who performed the first embryo biopsy and pre-implantation genetic diagnosis.

Dr. Moussa is an internationally renowned doctor, who was invited as a reproductive medicine consultant in the Dubai royal family and the Arabian Gulf region. She often invited to manage complex infertility cases. And she is also a member of the following associations:

  • American Society for Reproductive Medicine
  • International Federation of Obstetrics and Gynecology
  • European Society of Gynecology

Dr. Moussa, as our soul character, who is leading a professional medical team to helping more couples to achieve their dreams of starting a family.