How to Bond With Your Unborn Baby Through the Surrogate

How to Bond With Your Unborn Baby Through the Surrogate

One of the best feelings in the world is when you bond with your unborn baby. When you are carrying your child, you bond with them instantly. But some parents believe that they won’t be able to bond with their unborn baby if they have one via a surrogate mother.

That actually isn’t true. There are several ways that will help you bond with your unborn baby via a surrogate.

Here are a few things that will help you make your bond strong and unbreakable.

1.       Get Them Used to Your Voice

You might not be with your baby 24/7, but with technology now, your voice can be. All you have to do is record voice clips of you speaking, singing, or reading to your child.

Your surrogate can play your voice recordings to your baby. That way your child will be used to your voice.

When you are with your chosen surrogate, talk to the baby as much as you can. Getting your unborn baby used to your voice is one of the best ways to bond with them.

2.       Make a Baby Album

You will be recording each and every ‘first’ of your baby – their first smile, first steps, and their first day of school. How about you start a little early?

Keep copies of your baby’s first ultrasound, and all the rest after. Record their first heartbeat so that you can listen to it whenever you want. Keep printed sonogram images in your wallet or purse. All these things will make you feel closer to your unborn baby.

3.       Take Walks

When the weather is good, all you want to do is take a good stroll in the park. That way both you and your baby can get fresh air and a feel of nature.

You can do that even when you are having a baby via a surrogate. Call up and ask your surrogate to join you for a walk around the park.

4.       Write Everything Down

You are not just bonding with your unborn baby, but also the future toddler, teenager, and young adult. Write everything you feel – the first time you heard their heartbeat, the feeling you had when they came to the world, their first day of school, and all the other milestones of their life.

Your child will be glad to read those letters and see that you love them unconditionally, even before their birth.

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