Common Misconceptions About Surrogate Mothers

Common Misconceptions About Surrogate Mothers

Surrogacy is complex, and very highly misunderstood. In fact, very few people are actually aware of the facts regarding surrogacy. Children are a gift of God, and if someone can’t have them, surrogate mothers are their shining beacon of hope of having a family.

The misconceptions regarding and surrounding surrogate mothers, is the reason a lot of people are being deprived of the joy and happiness of having a family. Here are a few common misconceptions and myths about surrogate mothers that need to be shattered immediately:

1.    Custody Rights in Gestational Surrogacy

One of the most common myths that people have regarding surrogate mothers is that surrogate mothers can have the parental custody of the child. The truth is, the surrogate mother does not have a biological link to the baby she will be carrying.

The embryo implanted into the surrogate will be a fertilized egg from an intending mother or an egg donor. The baby will have no DNA of the surrogate mother whatsoever, thus the question of parental custody is out.

Also, the surrogate needs to sign a legal contract with the parents of the baby, stating that she will have no legal claim over the child.

2.    Surrogate Mothers Would Not Want to Give the Baby Up

Another common myth with surrogate mothers is that the surrogate will have trouble giving the baby up after he or she is born.

In reality, the women signing up to be a surrogate go through extensive evaluations and are screened very thoroughly. The agency assesses their mental abilities to make sure that the surrogate understands the role she will be playing in the entire process.

The surrogates understand that they are just the oven to someone else’s bun.  They don’t think of the process as giving the baby up, but as giving the parents their child back.

3.    Surrogate Mothers are Doing This for the Money Only

Another misconception that surrounds surrogate mothers is that they are only doing this for the money. The truth is, a lot of people who apply to be surrogates have a full-time job and are not in any financial crisis.

They are compassionate people and do it so they can help bring joy to someone else’s home. Surrogacy is a way to have a family for many couples, and the knowledge that they are helping those parents is greater than any amount on a check.

4.    Surrogate Mothers Won’t Take Care of the Baby

A lot of people believe that surrogate mothers won’t be taking care of the baby they are carrying as their own.

Actually surrogate mothers know the responsibility they have on their shoulders, and that they have to take care of the tiny life they are carrying.

These women make a commitment to both the parents and themselves to make sure that the baby is healthy and well taken care of, and try their best to stay stress-free, happy, and healthy.

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