Your First Meeting With the Surrogate Mother – What Should You Discuss?

Your First Meeting With the Surrogate Mother – What Should You Discuss?

First meetings are always awkward. Both you and the intended surrogate mother are nervous about the process. And sometimes with all those nerves and tension, you can forget to ask important questions. There are a few things that must be put forward on the table during the first meeting.

Here are a few of those things that you must discuss at your first meeting with the surrogate:

1.      Ice Breaker

You just met the woman who might carry your child. The icebreaker is very important. You can start by telling each other a little about your background and why you are choosing surrogacy.

The first meeting is uncomfortable for both sides. Discussing your backgrounds and a little small talk can help you both relax.

You can ask your intended surrogate about her life, job, and what led her towards the path of surrogacy.

When you are working with a surrogacy agency, you don’t have to worry about backgrounds checks and legalities. You would know that the surrogate is one of the most qualified candidates and is fit to act as your surrogate.

2.      How Often Would You Interact

After you are done with the icebreaker, you need to ask a few important questions.

One of the things that must be discussed during the first meeting is how often would the two of you interact.

Would you be allowed to accompany her to the doctor’s appointments? What about regular updates? Another thing that you should discuss is what the method of communication would be between you two.

Does the surrogate prefer in-person communication or a phone call would be sufficient? Make sure that you both are on the same page before making the final decision.

These things should be discussed in the first meeting so that both parties will be at ease during the course of the pregnancy.

3.      Thoughts on Selective Reduction and Termination

Another thing that has to be discussed during the first meeting is if the surrogate is willing to go through the process of selective reduction or termination – if medically necessary.

You should also ask your surrogate how many cycles of IVF is she comfortable with.

These decisions should be made before moving ahead with the process to avoid future conflicts or confusions.

4.      Time of Birth

Another thing that you must ask the intended surrogate is what her expectations for the birth are. Does she have a birth plan? Who will be allowed in the delivery room? What will happen after the birth?

These matters should be dealt with before moving forward.

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