A Guide to Bringing Your Baby Home From the Hospital – What do you Need

A Guide to Bringing Your Baby Home From the Hospital – What do you Need

Nine months go by fast. It must seem like yesterday when you got the news that your surrogate mother is pregnant. And now the big day is finally here, you need to make sure that you have everything in order to welcome your baby home.

You will be overwhelmed and panicking the entire time, trust us. After all, it is the day your child will be born.

But make sure you take a deep breath, and then gather your wits. You will need a few things when you bring your baby home from the hospital. Lucky for you, we have a checklist. Make sure that you check these things off before you leave the house:

Leaving the Hospital

Don’t forget to keep a few outfits for your little bundle of joy. A lot of new parents overdress their babies while leaving the hospital – you don’t need a wool cap for summer!

Just dress them according to the weather. Make sure you keep a blanket handy, though. The air conditioning in the car might be a little cold for them.

Car Seat

Safety first, guys. Make sure that you have a car seat for your newborn. And no, it is not safe for you to hold your baby on the ride back home.

Yes, keeping your child close to you after birth will help you bond, but you can do that when you get home.

Essentials When you Come Home

Now that you are home, you need to have a few things to make sure you don’t have to make the trip to the supermarket every few days. Here are the essentials you will need:

  • Extra baby onesies (a few aren’t enough – the throw-ups will claim them victim)
  • Swaddling blankets
  • Diapers (you will run out of them crazy quick, so make sure you have plenty of spare ones)
  • Baby formula and bottles
  • Cradle or bassinette with extra sheets
  • Burp rags (make sure you have plenty of these or you will be changing clothes every few hours)
  • A camera (never miss a moment)
A Little Something for Your Surrogate

With all the joy and chaos, don’t forget the person who carried your baby for 9 months – your surrogate. Make sure that you take care of her during labor and make her comfortable. Also, make sure that she has everything that she needs and provide her with support and encouragement.

You can also bring her a small trinket to show her your appreciation. You can plan the big thank-you gift later, but don’t show up to the hospital empty-handed. Flowers would make a perfect trinket on this occasion.

Do you have everything? Great, let’s go have a baby!

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