Help Your Family Adjust to Your Decision to Become a Surrogate

Help Your Family Adjust to Your Decision to Become a Surrogate

One of the best gifts you can give someone is complete their family. And surrogacy will allow you to do that.

The decision of being a surrogate is often hard on families. They don’t usually understand why you would take such a big responsibility of housing someone else’s child in your uterus. And if you have a young child of your own, they would not know why the baby wasn’t coming home with their mother.

There are a few ways that can help your family adjust to your decision.

Helping Your Partner Adjust to Your Decision

Your partner’s support is very important on your surrogacy journey. You will need someone to lean and rely on, and that person will be your partner. Start by having a serious conversation with your partner. Make him/her understand your reason for becoming a surrogate – helping a family out. Keep an open communication between the two of you, and make sure that you involve and ask him/her for assistance during the pregnancy.

Make sure that both of you communicate and spend time together throughout the pregnancy so your partner won’t feel left out.

Helping Your Child/Children Adjust to Your Decision

It is harder to talk to the children as they are not mature. And your children will take more time to adjust than your partner as they won’t be able to understand the process. Luckily, there are a few ways in which you can help them.

The best way to make them understand is through a book. There are plenty of child-friendly books that explain surrogacy. And they can understand it better if it comes as a bedtime story.

Another way is to involve them in your journey. You can show them pictures of other babies in your family and make them adjust to the idea of pregnancy.

Helping Your Parents and Siblings Adjust With Your Decision

You will need your siblings’ and parents’ support and love to go through this process. You can do that by asking them to read articles about surrogacy.  You can also introduce them to the other surrogates form the agency you have chosen so that they can talk to someone who has gone through the experience of surrogacy.

The road to surrogacy is very rewarding. Even though you will embark on this journey solo, you will need your family’s love and support.  And if you are planning to become a surrogate, you need to be all in.

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