Pros and Cons of Surrogacy

Pros and Cons of Surrogacy

Surrogacy has gifted some parents with the most wonderful gift of their lifetime. Something, which they could never have but for the help of surrogacy and the surrogate mother. Surrogacy literally stands to be the epitome of ecstasy for the parents who are blessed with the joy of childbirth by the means of surrogacy. However, every rose has thorns and so has surrogacy. It comes with its own set of pros and cons which you must consider before going for the process:

Advantages for intended parents

  • Surrogacy could complete the families of intended parents- The couples who have struggled with infertility or other medical conditions which makes pregnancy impossible for them and the gay, lesbian, transgender couples who could never make this happen naturally gets the gift of completed family.

  • Surrogacy can allow biological connections with child- Unlike adoption, surrogacy allows mother, father or both of them to have genetic relations with the child.

  • Surrogacy allows you to have first-hand experience of the whole process- The intended parents are allowed to take care of the surrogate through the entire term, like appointments, delivery post-birth care.

  • Surrogacy is less expensive and more successful than infertility treatments in certain cases.

Disadvantages for intended parents

  • Surrogacy is very complicated, it involves complex medical procedures, and Legal processes can be overwhelming at times.

  • Surrogacy costs are really very high because of the kind of service required and the legal formalities are all a compulsion. This way surrogacy gets expensive and not every couple can afford it.

  • At times, the surrogate feels like not giving up the child who she has carried for like 9 months. This makes it really difficult for both the parties to subdue this battle.

Advantages for surrogacy for gestational surrogates

  • Surrogate mothers stand to be the ultimate epitome of compassion and sacrifice. This is pure love and kindness which they shower on their counterpart. A woman understands the pain of other woman and gives her this gift so this is one incredible reward of pride and satisfaction which comes with it.

  • Surrogates are legally protected so they get to clearly outline their expectations and responsibilities during the surrogacy process.

  • Surrogates are fairly compensated for their ultimate service. They receive love and care from the concerned family and all her needs are properly taken care of which makes this a great experience for her as well. In cases, she also knows that the child be it a biological one or gestational one is going in a very compassionate environment where he will loved truly. The money she receives for this is huge and she can fulfill a lot of her dreams with it.

Disadvantages of surrogacy for gestational mother:

  • Surrogacy is physically demanding. The surrogate mother has to undergo a lot of pain and medical changes while the process and post pregnancy also. Her life obviously is going to take an irreversible change.

  • It is medically painful but at the same time it is a huge emotional pain also. Pregnancy is itself a stress and this increases manifold when you know you are carrying someone else child. It takes a lot of courage to give your child away so she might at times need emotional support and counseling for the same.

It requires a lot of commitment. It is like for a year or so you have to forget your life and completely devote all of your time to this.

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