Risks Associated With Multiple Births

Risks Associated With Multiple Births

You just got back from the doctor and learned that your surrogate is pregnant with more than one baby. Giving birth is the miracle of life, but there are always risks attached. And with multiple births, the risks increase.
In gestational surrogacy, the surrogate is implanted with a few fertilized embryos to increase the chances of pregnancy. It also means that the possibility of twins or even triplets increases.

Here are a few risks or complications associated with multiple births for both; the babies and the surrogate mother:

1.      Preterm Labor and Birth

If your surrogate is pregnant with twins, there is a 60% chance that she might go into preterm labor. And those chances are increased to 90% if she is carrying triplets. The higher number of babies, the greater the chance of preterm labor.

Babies born preterm are not fully developed. Premature babies are more vulnerable to infection and also need help breathing.

2.      Miscarriage

Though miscarriage can never be predicted, the chances of your surrogate miscarrying are higher if she is pregnant with more than one baby.

3.      Low Birth Weight

Triplets or twins often don’t reach a healthy weight. Even if there is no pre-term labor, multiple fetuses fail to reach a healthy weight before their birth.

The average weight of babies is between 5.5 to 7 pounds, and typically twins weigh 5.2 pounds and triplets weigh 4 pounds each.

Babies with low birth weight are usually kept in the neonatal intensive care unit for a few days or weeks until they are strong enough.

4.      Twin-to-Twin Transfusion Syndrome

Though rare, twin-to-twin transfusion syndrome occurs in identical twins. This condition is very serious and could lead to dire consequences.

In this condition, the blood flows – through the shared placenta – from one baby to another. Though, this condition is treatable with surgery, complications can still occur.

5.      Preeclampsia

Preeclampsia is a very serious condition that could affect your surrogate mother. It is characterized by protein in the urine and high blood pressure. The chances of your surrogate mother developing this condition are higher if she is carrying more than one baby.

6.      C-Section

The chances of your surrogate mother giving birth naturally are less if she is giving birth to multiple babies. If there are more babies in the uterus, the chances of them being in abnormal positions are higher. That increases the chances of C-section.

Selective Reduction

Before signing the contract with your surrogate, make sure you have a conversation with her about selective reduction. Multiple births could be dangerous for both; the babies and the mother. And you want both your baby and the surrogate mother to not face any complications during or after pregnancy.

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