Surrogacy and Multiple Births – How to Prepare

Surrogacy and Multiple Births – How to Prepare

One of the best feelings in the world is stepping into parenthood. Though, it is no piece of cake. When you plan the birth of your child, you don’t usually prepare for multiple births.

But with surrogacy, the chances of multiple births are increased.

The news that your surrogate is pregnant with twins makes the experiences and joy of parenthood twice as exciting and amazing.

But that feeling of excitement will get followed by a moment of total panic. Don’t worry; we are here to help you prepare for the arrival of your bundles of joy.

Here are a few tricks that will help with the preparation:

1.      Resist Buying for Two

We know it must be exciting for you to go shopping. And now that you are shopping for two, you must be overwhelmed and want to buy two of everything. Keep one thing in mind that you won’t need two of everything right away.

Of course, here are the essentials that you need – like two cars seats and strollers. But don’t buy two cribs right away. Two tiny babies can fit in one crib, for a while at least.

You also don’t have to buy lots of baby clothes either – they can both share! Babies grow up so fast, there is no point buying too many onesies.

2.      Bulk it Up

Baby items are expensive – especially clothes and diapers. And you will need double the amount of diapers now, so out on your shopping gloves.

Babies need at least 75 diapers per week. And you are having twins – so let’s double it up. Luckily, there is a discount when you buy diapers in bulk.

Though, don’t go shopping just yet, wait for the birth of your twins. Some babies have allergic reactions to some brands. So, wait and see if your babies are comfortable with a brand, and then buy in bulk.

But remember – babies grow up fast. Don’t buy too many. You can also buy formula in bulk as well.

3.      Make Plans and Schedules

You will be overwhelmed with love and joy when your twins arrive. So, it is better to plan everything in advance. Make sure that all the shopping is complete.

And don’t try to do everything yourself; ask for help from your parents and friends.

4.      Hand Me Downs

If your close friends or family offer to give baby items, don’t say no. there is no point spending extra to buy things that you can get for free. Things like the crib and baby seats are only used for a short period of time.

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