Surrogacy and Selective Reduction

Surrogacy and Selective Reduction

Selective reduction is a process no parent wants to go through. Though, it can sometimes be necessary for the health of your baby and the surrogate mother.
When you have a baby through IVF surrogacy, the doctors insist on implanting multiple embryos in the uterus. That gives a higher chance of pregnancy. But there is also a high chance that multiple embryos will attach to the uterine wall, resulting in multi-fetal pregnancy.

Exciting as it may sound, multi-fetal pregnancy can also be risky and a major cause of concern. If your surrogate gets pregnant with multiple babies, you might want to consider talking to her and the doctor about selective reduction.

What is Selective Reduction?

Selective reduction is done when your surrogate is pregnant with more than one baby. It is a medical procedure and done under the supervision of a medical professional. In the procedure, potassium chloride is injected into the fetus to end the development and growth of the fetus. The surrogate’s body absorbs the matter and no trace of the fetus remains. Selective reduction is performed between week 9 and 12 of pregnancy.

Reasons for Selective Reduction

There are two reasons why parents would opt for selective reduction – medical and personal.

Medical Reasons
Having twins via a surrogate mother is common. But sometimes, surrogates end up carrying quadruplets or even quints.

Multi-fetal pregnancy increases the chance of miscarriage. If you opt for continuation of multi-fetal pregnancy, the babies born will have an increased risk of low birth weights, birth defects, and premature birth.

Your surrogate may also be at risk of carrying multiple babies. It can cause undue stress on your surrogate’s body increasing the risk of diabetes and pre-eclampsia.

Selective reduction allows the remaining fetus to develop more properly. The risk of birth defects and miscarriage also decreases.  Selective reduction allows your child or children to be born healthy and also does not risk the well being of your surrogate.

Personal Reasons
Parenthood is the best job in the world. And couples who are unable to carry their own children opt for surrogacy.

Though, there are a few reasons why having a big family might be a part of their plan. It could be because of a financial crisis or some other reason; they believe that selective reduction is the best option for them.

It is very hard to eliminate a part of you, but sometimes it is necessary. You have to make a decision that is the best for your family. Before making any final decision, make sure that you speak to the doctor.

Make sure that you discuss the possibility of selective reduction with your surrogate before signing the contract.

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