Thanking Your Surrogate After the Delivery

Thanking Your Surrogate After the Delivery

Your surrogate just gave you the best gift in the world – a family. And it is your duty to thank her for this beautiful gift.

Surrogate mothers are God sent. They are selfless and dedicated. And you need to show your appreciation through more than just words.

There are several ways you can thank your surrogate mother for bringing your child into the world. Here are a few of those things you can try:

1.    Write Her a Letter

The best way to express your gratitude to the woman who completed your family is through a handwritten letter. A card is great, but nothing is more personalized like a letter.

It is one of the most meaningful gifts you can get for your surrogate. You can add personal details in that letter to show how much you appreciate her. You can also add details about your journey together. And don’t forget to add a picture of the little bundle of joy she carried for you.

Your surrogate will love this personalized and heartfelt gift from you.

2.    Add a Gift She Likes

If you think the letter alone is not enough, you can add a thoughtful gift with it. Surprising her with a thoughtful gift would really make her day.

There are plenty of gifts in all shapes and sizes that you can give her. And if you paid attention to her likes and dislikes during the nine months together, this will be a piece of cake for you.

Think back on the conversations you had – what are her hobbies? Is there a special restaurant she likes to go to? And if you don’t know what to buy for her, you can always get her a gift voucher for a salon.

And if you still can’t think of something, maybe get some ideas from her friends or her partner? They can guide you towards the perfect gift.

3.    A Personalized Gift Basket

A personalized basket covers just about everything. You can add whatever you like in that – chocolates, soothing lotions, candles, and even her favorite books.

You can add small tokens and toys for her children as well. That will show how much you care for both her and her family.

4.    Spa Day

Nothing is more thoughtful than gifting her a day in the spa where she can get pampered and let go of all the stress.

Being a surrogate mother can be very rewarding. You will have a relationship with the family for the rest of your life.

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