Things You Need to Know about Egg Donation

Things You Need to Know about Egg Donation

Egg Donation has become quite a famous process all over the world. This process provides you with an open door possibility to grow your family. As many people are well-aware of the egg donation process entail, there can still be some minor details and facts that you may not be informed about.

Let’s dig deeper to learn about these hidden details and facts of Egg donation.

How does it work?

Women who are above 40 years of their age have a very limited chance of conceiving a baby. It is natural because the egg of a woman reserve begins to decline right after the age of 35.

Therefore, using the assistance of an egg donor you can plan to start a family at the later ages of your life.

Now, you may be wondering and must be asking yourself about how the process of Egg Donation works?

Once working with Edwards Surrogate you will be provided with a password so that you can easily view the database of our egg donors.

Our donors are well-screened to match the basic eligibility criteria like a healthy family history, an appropriate lifestyle and a number of other requirements. Also, our team of professionals works hard to offer donor of various races and cultural background.

A number of fertility centers do not keep a database of their donors, for the “aged out” future parents. But, our team has a specific process to make sure that our database is up-to-date with higher rates of donors available for the intended parents of all age groups.

Final Words

Edwards Surrogates aims to provide a best-in-class egg donation services in California and states around. Our team of professionals are quite experienced and will make sure you have your baby on board soon!

For consultation or to know more about our egg donation program, call us today!