Tips to Prepare Yourself For the Process of Surrogacy

Tips to Prepare Yourself For the Process of Surrogacy

Surrogacy is an aesthetic gift one can provide a family with. Being a part of someone’s life that gave a chance to grow their family is a heartfelt feeling.

Here at Edwards Surrogates, it is our responsibility to make sure all our egg donors and surrogates are in a good health, doing well and are safe. Yes, we make it our priority that all the surrogates we enroll can really look back on their experience and feel proud about the journey of pregnancy.

Planning to become a surrogate mother?

If yes, then here are a handful of tips that you can practice at your home during the process of surrogacy.

Prepare yourself: Both Mentally and Physically

The first thing our team suggests you is to eat as healthy as possible as well to stay fully hydrated. It is very important to keep your body nourishes during the process. Also, following this will help to promote a healthy pregnancy.

You can also consult our experts about what nutrition to intake, as a baby need to have specific and healthy diet before they mature.

The Foods To Eat When Being A Surrogate:

Protein is a big factor in what you should be eating, such as chicken, cooked fish, broccoli, greek yogurt, eggs, etc. and is something that a growing baby really needs to stay healthy.

Remember, protein is the biggest factor during pregnancy. Also, it is something that helps a baby to grow in a healthy manner. We suggest you eat food like chicken, a well-cooked fish, eggs, etc so as to eat a right amount of protein. Therefore, we suggest intaking food like spinach, mushroom, healthy berries, oranges, milk, etc as a part of your diet

Keep Your Body Hydrated:

Another aspect of a healthy pregnancy is keeping your body hydrated. Drink plenty of water throughout the day, as it will promote skin elasticity and also improve the health of your body and the baby, of course.

Move yourself a bit:

Keeping yourself active circulate your blood effectively. Edward Surrogates suggest you go for the lighter version of the workouts like Yoga, Pilates, etc that can help strengthen your body.

By staying active and moving around your home will make you feel better during pregnancy.

Take care of your Mental Health:

Last but not the least, try to keep your mental health by doing the things you love at least twice a week. You can read, relax on the beach, go out for a vacation, or even get yourself pampered a bit. All of this will help you feel relax during the process and will help to prepare you for the future

You can also call our professionals at Edwards Surrogates so as to become a Surrogate.

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